Geography at Whittingham is built on six key principles: entitlement, coherence, mastery, adaptability, representation and education with character.  All pupils have the right to learn what is in the geography curriculum, and we at Whittingham have a duty to ensure that all pupils are taught the whole of it.  Using the National Curriculum as guidance, our curriculum is carefully sequenced so that powerful knowledge builds term by term ad year by year.  We make meaningful connections within subjects and cross-link this between other subjects.  To adopt a mastery approach, pupils will revisit prior knowledge and apply their understanding in new concepts to ensure that foundational knowledge, skills and concepts are secure.  Teachers are well-equipped to adapt lessons to the needs of their pupils to ensure success and achieve the ‘best in everyone’ approach that links to the school’s ethos and values.

The United Curriculum for geography provides all children, regardless of their background, with:

Relevant and coherent substantive knowledge of the world that is built gradually from EYFS to Year 6 and beyond through the lens of geographical vertical concepts.

Location and place: The location of the world’s continents, countries and places, and the key physical and human characteristics of each. Geographical scale: Considering the local, national and global scale and understanding how causes and effects occur at all scales.

Interconnections: How are the human and physical worlds connected? How are different locations connected at different scales?

A balanced view of the countries of the world, to address misconceptions and negative stereotypes.

Grounding in core disciplinary knowledge, and the ability to approach challenging, geographically-valid questions. Geographical enquiry skills have been sequenced across the year groups and, where appropriate, review and build on relevant knowledge that is first taught in mathematics or science, such as interpreting line graphs or setting hypotheses. Opportunities to undertake fieldwork, outside the classroom and virtually. Fieldwork is purposeful, and either gives pupils the opportunity to explicitly practise relevant disciplinary knowledge or to reinforce substantive knowledge.

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